About us

The initiative to establish the Polish Art Medal Association in 2015 was born out of the need to integrate people and communities interested in contemporary small relief art and to create a platform for mutual contact, exchange of information, presentation of achievements, and promotion of projects related to medal art. The Association brings together artists who create medals, art theorists, collectors, and supporters of medal art. We are open to all initiatives serving the contemporary medal art, all creative attitudes, as well as content and means of artistic expression. Through various popularization activities and, above all, through cyclical exhibitions, we aim to restore this small sculptural form to its rightful place among other fields of art. To meet the expectations of the creative community, the Association has made significant changes in 2023, such as electing the Management Board for a new term of office, adopting a new Statute, moving its headquarters to Warsaw, and modifying its name. We invite those who wish to work with us for the benefit of medal art to join the Association.


President of the Management Board – Stanisław Kośmiński
Vice-President of the Management Board – Majid Jammoul
Treasurer – Anna Beata Wątróbska-Wdowiarska
Secretary – Ewa Olszewska-Borys
Member of the Management Board – Dominik Maiński

Statute of the Polish Art Medal Association
National Court Register – current copy
Membership declaration
Bank account PAMA:
Bank Ochrony Środowiska
87 1540 1014 2101 4827 8716 0002